Rare Operating System? No 4l80e Swap OS options? SOLVED with this harness!

So you’ve decided to swap in a 4L80e to your 4l60/70e based LS! You’ve read about how to do a segment swap on the tuning forums – no big deal, right? Just find another stock file from the repository with your operating system ID number and go to town. Until…you pull your file and it’s a custom operating system. Or, you’re unable to find a match. Or…you’re just a little overwhelmed with the segment swap process.

This is where our 4l80e swap harness comes into play – link.

NO segment swaps!! PLUG and PLAY operation. It’s that easy…plug it in. Make a couple small tuning changes (instructions included!), set up your 4l80e shift points – and get back on the road in no time! We also sell transmission tunes if you need help with the shift patterns. Problem solved!

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