2009 Corvette A&A Kit, Advanced Induction Heads & Cam

When 557rwhp isn’t enough…you upgrade to an A&A Corvette Performance supercharger kit!! We previously did a naturally aspirated build on this yellow beast (check it out HERE), and now it came back for more. Topping it off with an A&A supercharger kit using a Vortec head unit, this go round we finished up at 729 rwhp & 584 ft/lbs tq! Good luck getting traction with that!

“While the drive to work was like 10 minutes but I smiled all the way. I enjoyed the pickup experience at the shop. The tech you had on the car gathered my parts and chatted a little bit. He took the time to go over the parts and car with me. Told me about maintenance, and the work to make it a get in and go setup. Nice guy and customer experience.”




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