2007 TBSS Attitude V3, RPM Trans & Bolt Ons

After thinking about one of our packages for a while, this TBSS came in for a serious power make over! He wanted to add a cam that would not only feel great but add some head-turning sound – so we selected our Attitude V3 camshaft. Driveability and reliability were also on the top of his list, we wanted to make sure that the truck would still do well on its cross-country trips.

Since he was concerned about the factory transmission being able to hold all of the extra power, we went ahead and upgraded to an RPM Level 6 – making sure it would be plenty for now and also withhold forced induction down the road. The RPM’s are a tried and true transmission for us in the TBSS. We also added our brake duct transmission cooler to keep it cool, as well as a Circle D torque converter to allow for good driveability with the new cam.

Pacesetter headers also went in, along with an LS1 3 Relay Electric Fan Kit and our One Piece Fenderwell Intake – to make sure the truck was able to take full advantage of the better breathing cam. We also installed our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit, including platinum valve springs, pushrods, and fresh gaskets.

To prevent the famous oil starvation issue that the TBSS’s have, we opted to install our Pickup Tube Relocation Kit as well, making sure this build will last a long time. Being AWD we were not able to obtain any final dyno numbers, but the truck felt amazing on the street, and also ended up with a much more aggressive sound!

“Hey Kelli, just wanted you all to know that I am very happy with my truck. I do plan on seeing you all in the future.”




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