2010 LS3 Camaro TVS 2300, Heads & PCM of NC ‘545’ Cam

Sometimes you just have to add a blower…because 496rwhp with heads and cam just wasn’t enough on this LS3!

We revisited this 2010 LS3 Camaro that recently had our ‘545’ cam and a set of heads from Advanced Induction installed – this time to add some forced induction. We chose a TVS 2300 as this vehicle is mainly used as a street car. To make sure the car had plenty of fuel, we also added a set of 1000cc injectors from Fuel Injector Connection and an MSD Boost a Pump (installed into the trunk).

We seamlessly wired in the boost a pump and aftercooler pump for a stock appearance, choosing not to reuse the harnesses supplied in the kit. We also upgraded to a Roto Fab carbon fiber tube during this install, as the previous Roto Fab tube would no longer work.

Knowing that we would be losing boost from the cam and headers, we pullied up the back of the blower for the best belt wrap, and also dropped the front jackshaft pulley down to a 3.4″. This set the car up for 10 lbs of boost. Making 698 rwhp and 655 ft/lbs of torque makes this car a complete beast on the street! The ‘545’ cam drives excellent as well – driveability is not something we are ever willing to sacrifice!

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